Danish Concrete Hardener – Sustainability

Weather conditions, methods of treating concrete, quality of raw materials, among other factors cause damage to freshly placed concrete on construction sites.

Danish Concrete Hardener® streamlines concrete treating processes – quickly penetrates deep into concrete and offer rapid hardening of floors. This means no watering, no ponding, no plastic sheets, no jute bags or other similar covering materials, as watering dilutes the strength of cement. This can result in damaging newly built concrete structures, which is very costly and waste of building materials – a depletion of resources. Danish Concrete Hardener®, helps you save resources such as water, time, related production costs, transport, logistics, etc.

For all types of weather
Danish Concrete Hardener® is a perfect product for treating concrete in all types of weather conditions. It prevents water from seeping into concrete that is exposed to rain, freezing, frost, humidity weather conditions. In hot, windy temperatures, our concrete hardener prevents rapid drying of poured concrete, during the period it is gaining strength. Rapid drying of casted concrete is not good, it leads to formulation of cracks on surfaces. For concrete with a very low tensile strength, the hardening action of our product reinforces to high tensile strength, and makes concrete structures corrosion resistant. Finished buildings look pleasant and attractive, but also stronger all the way down to the core and lasts longer without deteriorating.