Danish Concrete Hardener – Economy

Example of cost with epoxy floor contrary treated floors with DANISH CONCRETE HARDENER

This is an example of maintenance costs for treating concrete with Epoxy in comparison to treating concrete with
Danish Concrete Hardener®.

In this calculation, we did not include:
production stop, cleaning costs, health costs of production staff due to dust-related illnesses caused
by dust emissions on industrial floors.

  • Pouring new concrete floor 5.000 m2
  • Industrial building with truck driving
  • 1 treatment
  • After 5 years, maintenance
  • After 10 years, maintenance
  • After 15 years, maintenance
  • After 20 years, maintenance
  • After 25 years, maintenance
  • After 25 years total costs DKK
  • Epoxy
  • Price in DKK
  • 140.000,00
  • 140.000,00
  • 140.000,00
  • 140.000,00
  • 140.000,00
  • 140.000,00
  • 840.000,00
  • Danish Concrete Hardener
  • Price in DKK
  • 70.000,00
  • 000.000,00
  • 000.000,00
  • 000.000,00
  • 000.000,00
  • 000.000,00
  • 70.000,00

Danish Concrete Hardener, Economy

You will see in the tables above that the total maintenance costs are much higher for treating a 5.000 meter2 industrial floors with Epoxy.
This is due to repeated renovation works on the same industrial floor surfaces, which occurs every after 5 years.
As a result, maintenance costs keep increasing, spending a total amount of DKK840.000,00 in a period of 25 years.

With Danish Concrete Hardener®, a total amount of DKK70.000,00 is spent over a period of
25 years. Only one (1) treatment and the industrial floors are strong and performing very well.
No second treatment needed over a period of 25 years to repair damages or replace a new industrial floor.

Danish Concrete Hardener
Through technological advancements, JPH A/S provides concrete hardener products that saves time and money for our clients
in the concrete industry.

Economical solution
Treating concrete with Danish Concrete Hardener® is very economical – helps new construction and renovation projects run profitably.
It offers quick treatment and rapid hardening of concrete, 8 days after casting, floor is ready
to use, compared to 28 days normally, saving a construction company and property owner 20 days.
Our products are sold at a competitive price and offered as customized solutions, better-value-for-money.

No maintenance needed
Our concrete impregnation system strengthens and hardens concrete by up to 80%, keeping damages and cracks at bay.
This means no maintenance and no costs on finished floors/walls, for at least 30 years.
This makes Danish Concrete Hardener® a cost-effective solution because it prevents:
damages on finished concrete surfaces, and no repair and replacement costs.