We at Danish Concrete are proud to be an distributor of Danish Concrete Hardener.
The product is produced by a company called JPH situated in Søndersø, 200km west of Copenhagen in Denmark.

50 years Experience

JPH Aps is an innovative Danish company with 50 years of experience and know-how in manufacturing and supplying high quality, environmentally friendly, concrete impregnation liquids to the construction industry. Since its foundation, JPH Aps is an environmentally responsible supplier. The company is dedicated and committed in producing concrete hardener which is completely free from contaminants. JPH Aps is dedicated to raise awareness and interest in safety and healthy during commercial concreting of floors and walls of buildings in construction.

Its vision is to be a trusted partner in construction projects, in supplying concrete hardener that promotes a clean/ green environment. Our customer promise is that we will develop non-toxic concrete hardener that people need and are willing to buy. And to promote quality of working and living life: for example, prevention of occupational diseases for concrete contractors, safety of living standards for building users e.g human beings and livestocks, clean environment free from product contamination and fast operations that saves time and money. Since its foundation in 1965, JPH Aps supplies customised solutions to public and private construction companies in the Scandinavian countries and parts of Europe. The company has served 50 years on the market with many satisfied customers.


JPH A/S works continually to reduce environmental impact on society, by manufacturing environmentally friendly products that reduce time, costs and risks in concrete production.
The company promotes a green future by:

(i).           Improving fast curing of concrete floors and walls to reduce costs.
(ii).          Promoting healthier working environment by manufacturing non-toxic products that reduces carbon emissions.
(iii).         Promoting safety standards through fireproof constructions.


Our company was founded in 1965 in Copenhagen in Denmark, by J.P. Hansen, who started making an impregnating concrete hardener liquid called Jensen Si-22, purely a concrete dust binder.
The first dust binding treatment was performed in the year 1965, at a paper factory which has trucks offloading stocks, moving forklifts and other machinery in its warehousing operations.
The company solved concrete challenges of abrasion, dust-emissions on industrial floors. Despite many years of using this industrial floor, today, there are no signs of damages at all.

In 1988, the company re-organized as JPH ApS, now established by Knud Møller Jensen.
It is situated in the middle of Denmark’s in Søndersø, where the company has a production center, IT, Sales and Marketing, logistics operations.

We have made improvements to our existing products, along with developing new products. Today our concrete hardener is available in three (3) different types – floor, wall and block hardeners.