In the building construction process:
Danish Concrete Hardener® is a non-toxic liquid for treating concrete, there is no product odour, allergy, harm to the environment.
No need for construction staff to wear protective clothing such as masks, eye glasses, gloves when using our product, as it is none contaminate and odourless.
There is no degassing of premises during and after product use. It does not cause illnesses such as dizziness, sneezing, coughs, skin rashes, eye infection, etc.,
to construction staff as well people living and/or working close to a construction site or passer-by. Danish Concrete Hardener®
makes the process of treating concrete much easier, well-organized, faster, with less stress, which no other similar concrete hardener does.

Danish Concrete Hardener® is a water-based liquid, as such, absorbs quickly, deep into freshly poured concrete,
provides rapid strength to concrete on setting and hardening. In 8 days after casting, shuttering can be removed, and floor can be used,
compared to 28 days normally. It hardens concrete without forming a film on the surface and provides permanent dust-free floor surfaces.

Performance of finished building:

Treated concrete floors and walls become water repellent, oil stain repellent, slip resistant, acid resistant, chemical resistant, fire resistant, abrasion resistant.
In commercial kitchens, abattoirs, ice cream factories, fish processing factories, cold storage rooms, food production areas, breweries, acid/chemical plants
where spillages are more prone, it’s easy to wash spillages/stains with warm soapy water, using a high pressure cleaner up to 200 psi,
without causing damage to floor and wall surfaces.

In warehouses, highways, runways, car parks, garages, car show rooms, welding workshops, where abrasion and fire is more prone,
treated floor and wall surfaces become more resistant to abrasion caused by vehicle tire marks, moving machinery, forklift trucks, sharp equipment,
etc. In case of fire breakouts, the building delays to catch fire.

Furthermore, Danish Concrete Hardener® improves floor performance, the braking length for vehicles, aero planes, forklift trucks, moving machinery in industries is reduced by 10%.
This reduces accidents in day-to-day business operations.

End life-time of a building:
In case of building demolition for the purpose of reconstruction, Danish Concrete Floor and Wall Hardener®
effectively treats recycled building materials and make them suitable for reuse.