Danish Concrete Hardener® is a non-toxic, concrete impregnation liquid for effective treating of concrete.
It is water-based, colorless, available in three (3) different types – Floor, Wall and Block hardeners.

For centuries, water has been used to treat concrete by ponding and plastic sheets.
The breakthrough that our concrete hardener represents is deep concrete impregnation, this means no watering, no ponding,
no plastic sheets covering or other similar material to form a barrier against water loss.

Danish Concrete Hardener® liquid penetrates floors by 1-3cm deep, and 10-15mm for walls and blocks.
Prevents water penetration and rapid drying of poured concrete and prevents cracks during hydration reaction.
It increases hardness of concrete up to 80%. Prevents abrasion, stains, cracks and dusting on concrete floors and walls.


Recommended to use in new construction projects and renovation of:
Slab foundations, warehouses, houses, school buildings, cold storage rooms, factories, breweries, highways, runways,
pre cast buildings, car parks, garages, driveways, car show rooms, metal wheeled traffic areas, bridges, dams, retaining walls,
oil refineries, interlock pavings, football stadiums,
shopping malls, floors at ports and harbours, railway sleepers, animal housing facilities etc.

Danish Concrete Hardener® offers social, economic, environmental benefits to our clients in the construction industry and to society at large.

Advantages and benefits to building construction companies and society for using
Danish Concrete Hardener® to cure concrete in the process of building:

  • Increased efficiency – prevents downtime of construction works in progress due to none complaints of product odour,
    allergy or harm to construction staff, people living close to a construction site and passers-by.
  • Improves health, safety working environments for construction staff and society. Reduced welfare losses in fewer sick leave days,
    hospital costs. Resulting in increased productivity, constant business and/or community development.
  • Saves time due to rapid strengthening and hardening of concrete floors –
    In 8 days shuttering can be removed and floor can be used, compared to 28days normally. Fast floor to floor achievements.
  • Saves water and related production costs – no watering, no ponding, no plastic sheets, no jute bags for covering on freshly placed concrete.
  • Saves costs for transport, logistics, storing and pumping of water. Saves labour costs of treating concrete.
  • Helps construction companies deliver good quality, durable finished buildings to property owners, on time.
  • Creates good company reputation of building good quality, durable buildings. Resulting in satisfied customers which leads to increased customer referrals.

Advantages and benefits to building property owners and society for using
Danish Concrete Hardener® to cure concrete:

  • Makes concrete floor and wall surfaces water repellent, oil stain repellent, acid resistant, chemical resistant –
    can wash spillages/stains on factory production floor surfaces with warm soapy water using a high pressure
    cleaner up to 200 psi, without causing damage on industrial floors.
    Floor and wall finishes – tiles, primers, polish, paints etc. can be applied over it.
  • Diffusion open wall structures, allows damp and moisture in walls to disappear – prevents damp spots,
    white, chalky stains, blistered paint on the finished concrete walls. Improves indoor air quality and good ventilation,
    thus creating a healthy, clean living environment for building users.
  • Makes concrete floor and wall surfaces abrasion resistant, slip resistant. Reduces accidents in traffic areas
    as braking length is reduced by 10% for vehicles, aeroplanes, forklift trucks in warehousing operations.
  • Treated concrete becomes fire resistant, can withstand heat of up to approximately 1.250 degrees Celsius, increased fire safety in buildings.
    Saves loss of lives and costs of fire damages on building properties in events of fire breakouts.
  • Durable buildings –10 years warranty, no maintenance costs of renovating damages. Some of our oldest references
    that are 20 years old show no signs of abrasion, blistered paint, white/chalky stains, damp spots on floor surfaces,
    this is proof that the strength does not deteriorate with time.
  • Reduced cleaning costs due to none dust emissions on floors and stocks in warehousing.
    Creates healthier living and/or working environment for building users and/or tenants.
    Increases value of building market pricing.
  • Enhances water proofing in slab foundations, retaining walls, wet areas, balconies, water tanks, silos, swimming pools, terrace areas.
  • Effectively treats recycled building materials from building demolition. Saves building material wastage and reduces quantity of landfilled materials on dumping sites.