Danish Concrete Hardener – 8 days

After placing of fresh concrete, proper leveling, final troweling and initial setting of 1 day, application of Danish Concrete Hardener® starts. Waiting for concrete to harden and dry can take weeks, the advantage of using Danish Concrete Hardener® is that it accelerates the setting and hardening time of concrete, makes it ready to use just on time.

Done in 8 days
In construction projects, time is an important factor to be competitive, waiting too long for concrete to harden is time wasting, costly and delays building projects. In order to save time and costs, we have developed a concrete hardener that provides rapid strengthening to concrete on setting and hardening. In 8 days after casting, floor is ready to use. This sounds too good to be true – but the special formula of Danish Concrete Hardener® makes it very possible. It is acid proof after 10 days.

How long does concrete take to dry?
Normally, concrete takes at least 28 days to set, So, a construction company can save 20 days, and of course a lot of costs.

The hotter the temperature the better
Placing fresh concrete in hotter temperatures can pose challenges of rapid drying of concrete, resulting in hundreds of small cracks forming on the surface. The advantage with using our concrete hardener is that it works very well in hot temperatures because the heat speeds up the hardening action of freshly placed concrete.

8 Days

Normally concrete floors shall harden for 28 days.
With Danish Concrete Hardener you can make a floor in 8 days and ready for use.
Wait 1 or 2 days after pouring of concrete.

Day 1

If dry, treat with Danish Concrete Hardener 3-4 times (depending on quality of the floor).
VERY IMPORTANT: you do the deep impregnation on the first day.

Day 2

Apply 1-2 times more. Only ‘’fill up’’ the placed floor for the last 0,5 – 1,0 mm.
You will notice that the concrete takes less and less of the liquid.
Now the floor is treated.
Wait 4-5 days and start using the floor.
After 10 days, the floor is resistance to penetration of water, acids, chemicals, spillages.