8 Days from casting to use
8 Days


Fire Test 

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Concrete Hardened Fire pressure test

Concrete Hardened Fire Pressure Test

8 Minutes Acid Test 

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Most construction companies and property owners get into challenges of demolishing floors or walls to renovate concrete challenges of abrasions, cracks, blistered paint, damp spots, stains and dusting on floors and walls of buildings, shortly after completion which is unprofitable. Don’t risk! The quality of concrete has a direct effect on the strength and durability of the structure as whole. For the best concrete strength, use Danish Concrete Hardener®.

Residential, and commercial building owners want buildings without maintenance. They only want good quality, safe buildings that will last longer without damages.
The planning phase of any new construction or renovation project is an opportunity for any professional builder, or investor to address these expectations.

JPH ApS has been in the building construction market for over 50 years, so, we understand that weather conditions, methods of treating concrete, etc., adversely affects quality and strength of concrete on construction sites and cause concrete challenges of abrasion, cracks, stains, dusting on floor surfaces. We help you manage these risks and prevent damage to the placed concrete.

Our goal is to help our clients construct and deliver good quality, durable buildings on time.

Danish Concrete Hardener® make floors and walls resistant against hydro-chloric acid, chemicals, oil, fire, abrasion, slip resistant. It is used in: houses, driveways, factories, warehouses, garage, dams, bridges, oil refineries, precast industry, actually everything with cement in it.

Our concrete hardener is designed in accordance with CE approval, TÜV Rheinland, ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard requirements for construction products.
Rheinland, ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard requirements for construction products.