Danish Concrete Hardener – Environment

As a company with Danish ethics and ethos at its heart, we consider it a natural thing for us to work towards achieving a greener future by reducing environment impact in the way we operate.

Environmentally friendly concrete hardener

We set high standards in the way we produce our products, ensuring that we make quality products that promotes a cleaner and healthier environment. We ensure responsible sourcing of raw materials that we use for making our products, because we have an interest of improving health and safety of human beings, livestock’s, ecosystem in the environment. Danish Concrete Hardener® does not emit carbon emissions into the atmosphere during the process of treating concrete on construction sites.
It hardens the cement which is the weakest ingredient in the concrete mix design, makes the cement hard. The result is dustproof concrete with no dust-emissions on finished floors, this creates a healthier living environment for people and livestock.

Recycling concrete

As global populations are increasing, lots of trash is produced each day. Million tons of solid waste is discarded in landfills, which is a cost to municipal councils in waste disposal management. The unique feature of Danish Concrete Hardener® is its ability to work on recycled concrete, it effectively treats new and old concrete debris from demolished concrete and makes it suitable for reuse. Recycling prevents wastage of building materials, minimize costs of transport, logistics and reduce quantities of landfilled materials on dumping sites.
This creates an opportunity for construction businesses to contribute positively towards a green future, and make the world a much better and healthier place to be.

None pollution

Our company policy is to manufacture non-toxic, environmentally friendly products that do not emit carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
Danish Concrete Hardener® is a user-friendly product, it creates a clean and hazard-free environment for citizens. Being non-toxic also means that each time you are treating concrete with our product, you are contributing positively to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere as our concrete hardener does not pollute the environment during and after use.

This also means that treated concrete remains non-toxic until the end life-time of a building. In case of demolishing a building, the treated concrete debris contains no toxic chemical substances at all.