Danish Concrete Hardener – Safety

We consider it very important to contribute positively towards improving safety in construction. Manufacturing and supplying non-toxic concrete hardener products to the construction industry is our high priority at JPH A/S. This is the main concept
that lies at the heart of our company since its foundation in 1965.

A non-toxic concrete hardener
One of the primary purposes of developing Danish Concrete Hardener is to improve safety of Construction staff, so that construction businesses can have a healthier and competent workforce. Our product is hazard-free and user friendly, no taking extra precautions of using special clothing’s or equipment for protection.
It does not cause illnesses of coughing, sneezing, skin infection, dizziness to users,
no degassing of construction sites during and after product use. Hence, no interruption of construction works in progress,
this helps you deliver good quality, finished building projects to owners on time, without delays and less stress.

Safer buildings and less accidents
Danish Concrete Hardener® offers building safety solutions to occupants because treated concrete becomes more fire resistant up to 1.2500 C. This makes tunnels, oil refineries, welding workshops, housing units, etc., much safer to use. In case of fire, combustion is retarded.
Furthermore, treated concrete become more slip resistant, this reduces accidents in traffic areas as braking length on roads, aero planes on runways and forklift trucks in warehousing operations is reduced by 10%.

Therefore, treat your concrete with Danish Concrete Hardener® in all your upcoming building or renovation projects!